Midwest Records Recap
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February 14, 1997

Zazen continues to keep it fresh with their impressionistic take on the Cayman Islands [with their new album Cayman Blue]. Richly sonic work that relies more on talent than gimmicks to get the mood and sound across. A real find for open-eared adults.

April 14, 1996

Surfing the Himalayas: The music of Zazen, on the virtual greatest hits, inspired the best-selling book [Surfing the Himalayas] and the activities behind it. If the book has beguiled you, this is a dandy adjunct piece that adds to the enjoyment.

Volume 19/Number 9 March 14, 1996

Ecologie...was worth waiting for. Tasty work throughout makes this a sure fire adult winner. Dandy international feel and a love of his [Joaquin Lievano] work sets this set above the rest. Hot.