Back in 1991, the New Age electronic trio Zazen released Mystery School. The album was chock full of simmering jams, which built slowly from atmospheric hypnosis to explosive art-rock crescendo, and the band's music was on par with the best work of such innovators as Tangerine Dream.

...the latest, Cayman Blue, comes full circle. These sweetly named tracks ("St. Bart's Chic," "Bahamian Melody") are lush, melodic, and graceful, evoking the intended spirit and imagery. Likewise, the production is solid and smooth.

Ecologie is a veritable E-ticket adventure to the secret healing places on our fair planet. Lievano added a potency to Zazen's high-minded electric new age projects, but here he seems more intent on cool exotica, easy rhythmic structures, and contemplative atmospheric stretches...Lievano and producer Rama create some of the most hypnotic slow jams ever heard in this style of spirit music. Miramar's expertise is in the glamorous marriage of music and nature videos; In lieu of a tie-in tape, the best bet is to put this on, reach back into some glorious twilight memory, and enjoy the air rushing around you.